A Precious Instant

We all pursue happiness but some of us can’t seem to hold on to it for very long. I’ve been there but now photography makes it easy for me to find happiness even when I’m facing difficult circumstances. Although I enjoy photo shoots as much as any other hobby, it’s not the simple act of finding the right lighting and snapping a pic of something stimulating that does it for me.

It is apparent to me that every moment that passes will only exist once in history. Although I am not able to recreate the same moment under the same circumstances, I am able to recreate the feelings I had in that instant in time. Seeing the moments I was happy in the past brings happiness to my present. I can feel what it felt like to have my daughter hold my finger when she was just a day old. I can feel what it felt like to have my son muster up the strength to place his open hand just above my chin when he was only 3 months and terminally ill. I can jump back to when the results came in that I was pregnant with another baby boy and that he was healthy. What is truly difficult is for anything to keep me down when I have these memories in plain sight. Each precious instant with the capability to jump start my heart a thousand times.

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2 thoughts on “A Precious Instant

  1. Hello Norma, I am very happy for you and your Family… Congratulation on your new Son… Ethan is looking down at his Family everyday… I continue to say a Prayer for you and your Family everyday… God Bless you all… Larry


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