The Camera And Apps I Use To Edit My Photos

Having a good DSLR camera is half the battle. As a beginner all the settings can be pretty overwhelming but it is actually very simple. Regardless of what camera you are using you want to always have lighting in mind when you are taking pictures. The direction the light is coming from, the color of the light , the strength and the shadows. I advise you to watch tutorials that are specific to the camera that you own or want to own. I started off taking pictures with my Canon 60D DSLR camera. However, I wanted to get more into professional photography and my husband was also working with some videography so I decided it was time to invest in a Canon 5D MARK 3 Full Frame. We didn’t bother buying the stock lense and just bought the body of the camera with a 50mm Lenses after market lense with a 1.4 f-stop for a more blurred background capability.


You can only work with the environment you have at any given photo shoot, and sometimes the lighting is not great or you have people in the background of a good picture. If you are picky about your pictures as much as I am, then photo editing software will be your best friend. Quite frequently I get asked about what I use to edit my photos. I have two methods for editing my photos, the one I use, usually depends on how much work the photo needs and how much time I want to spend on editing. If I want to upload a picture quickly I use editing apps on my I phone such as VSCO and Facetune, but if I want to get into the small details that make pictures pop, I use Lightroom and Photoshop with certain plug-ins that Florabella Actions have to offer.


These Actions are well worth the price, giving you the ability to quickly manipulate your photos with ease, so you can get them exactly how you want them to look. Their website provides video tutorials to show you just how to use these actions in conjunction with Photoshop. These are some before and after examples of my work using Florabella Actions.


Florabella actions Before & After



One thought on “The Camera And Apps I Use To Edit My Photos

  1. Hi I’ve been interested in photography ever since I was younger and I’m 18 now. I was wondering if you went to school to study for photography or just learned out of books and research. I’m not so sure if I want to go to college because I feel like if I’ll just waste time when I could learn off of books and research.


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