Truly Free

If you’re following me on social media you probably already know I’ve started my own Christian online shop. Three years ago I remember getting my first thought ever of creating encouraging and uplifting Christian shirts for others. This is something that was in my heart and the desire to start has only grown as the years have passed . Finally in the beginning of January 2020, I felt God leading me and confirming multiple times to step out in faith and start Truly Free online shop.

I love the feeling of a good quality shirt that looks and feels amazing. I have now purchased and compared dozens of shirts. I prefer shirts that have soft ink that feel like they are not even there. I like shirts that can be washed multiple times and still look great! I was blessed to come across a few shops that source there shirts from a company in California that make their shirts with a desirable fit, conforming to the body. We are screen printing ourselves with baby safe ink.

The name, Truly Free, comes from my personal testimony of being set free from trauma, broken heart, grief, and a place where I thought there was no longer hope after losing my 4 month old baby. God is so good, Jesus healed my heart and brought restoration to my family. He gave us hope and purpose.

Truly Free is such a great reminder of God’s promises over us. Only Jesus can set us truly free from our deepest hurts. Freedom and healing found in Jesus is not temporary it’s ETERNAL.

My heart for this tee and for this shop is to bring hope, encouragement and a reminder of who Jesus says we are. Giving all the glory to God.

These last few months have been fun creating with God. My family and I are so excited for this new journey. It was so fun to see my 6 year old daughter hearing from God and receiving words on what to put on our kids tee’s. She is happy to be designing her very own tee inspired by Holy Spirit for our kids t-shirts line. I can’t wait to share with you what else we have been working on.

Thank You for supporting us and following us on our new journey.

Click the link below to visit Truly Free Shop

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