The Ministry Of Motherhood

Motherhood is an important calling. Some are called to mother a home of children, others to mother a community and some to be a mother to other mothers. Motherhood can be both challenging and beautiful. It is also MINISTRY. As a Christian mother my priority is for my children to bring glory to God and His Kingdom. I get to pray over them. Read the Word of God to them. With God’s help I can discern lies from the enemy they might be believing and I get to speak God’s truth over them. As a mother who is always learning and growing I need to be always asking for God’s help for the good of my children. He helps me through spiritual warfare and overcoming new battles that come along in the lives of my children. Everyday I’m in need of God’s wisdom and direction. This is my daily prayer.

Being a mom did not come naturally to me. In fact, I felt like I wasn’t good at it. I learned that it was not about my efforts in trying to be perfect but instead it was about putting my faith in what Jesus could do through me. I found that rather than learning to balance all the motherhood tasks correctly my children were better off while I was learning to surrender everything to JESUS. That’s the beauty of God’s promise that He adds to you all the goodness when you put Him first, we can do all things through Christ even when we don’t feel qualify or equipped.

Creating an atmosphere in my home of security and safety is important to me. Modeling relationship and not religion. Sometimes it’s the little things we do that makes a huge impact in the lives of our children. As mothers we need to be careful not to carry the weight of being a perfectionist and comparing ourselves to others. Social media can make us feel like we need to do better, work harder to have a perfect life and be the perfect mom. We all fall short and need God’s help, but you are the chosen vessel of God to bring life and sustain it. God created us all different and unique. You carry exactly what your children need for such a time as this. I want to remind you today that our children grow and seasons change but God always remains the same. Warrior mama, no one is perfect. Be confident in who God says you are! He hears your prayers and you are making an impact in your child’s life. 

What an honor it is to be raising world changers. We get to teach, equip and care for our children. They are the next generation rising up now! As parents we are the biggest influencer and role model to our children. Modeling faith, character, kindness and wisdom is important. Always expressing forgivingness and encouraging repentance. Teaching them to pray and that they too can talk to Jesus and hear His voice.

.“Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward.” – Psalm 127:3

Proverbs 14:1 — “The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish pulls it down with her hands.”

4 thoughts on “The Ministry Of Motherhood

  1. This is so good Norma!!! You have such an excellent technical writing. I hope you consider writing books! This post is such a powerful reminder and I receive it!

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