My Deliverance Testimony 

In a previous blog post, I had mentioned that God healed my heart from the heart break of losing a child and brought me out of grief and hopelessness. It was the Holy Spirit bringing a deep inner healing in my heart. It was an emotional process. I believe, inner healing is essential in your walk with God as well as deliverance. 

Deliverance: the action of being rescued or set free. To be set free from demonic spirits, which have power to oppress a person. It’s a command Jesus tells us to operate in. Cast out demons in Jesus name. 

Matthew 10:1-8 Jesus tell us to Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons. You received without paying; give without pay. 

Ephesians 6:12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

It never occurred to me that Christians could have demons. It wasn’t until years ago a family member manifested a demon in a way that was supernatural but not from God and we knew that this person needed deliverance. We thought this family member was suffering from a mental problem such as schizophrenia or deep depression. Once they received deliverance they no longer struggle with the symptoms. 

I have heard of some teachings that Christians cannot have demons, but it is not true. Deliverance is for God’s people. A believer can have an area of their lives that is demonized.

Yes we invite the Holy Spirit to fill us and our status in Heaven is blameless. Jesus died on the cross so we can have a new life in Christ. He forgives us of all of our sins. Even though we give our life to Jesus there are still some spiritual agreements and covenants we may need to close the door to, such as doing witchcraft, palm reading and new age practices. There’s also generational curses from our previous family generation that need to be broken. If everyone in the family is getting a divorce, struggle with addictions, poverty; you had it, your mom had it and your grandma had it, Jesus doesn’t want you to keep the cycle going. Some people have been delivered from the torment of trauma and fear related to abuse and rape. Others have demons that intimidate and cause nightmares and torment an individual for years until someone casts it out.

I pray for the sick and believe for miracles but I’ve also seen people cured of diseases after breaking generational curses and receiving deliverance.

My Story

I never struggled with mental illness such as suicide, schizophrenia or bipolar. I’ve never been sexually abused either so I never thought I would need deliverance. Until God started exposing the lies and every ungodly root that caused trauma and fear in my life. Those deep roots of unforgiveness and rejection. The reason why I felt alone, even when I had people that love me all around me. For a time I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere because I felt like an orphan. I would get flashbacks reminding me of traumatic things just to torment me. Too often I would explode with anger and tried to control a situations due to fear of rejection. I felt like I had no self control. 

God delivered me from the Spirit of trauma, fear, shame, anger, hate and generational witchcraft. 

I didn’t grow up Christian. A lot of what I was fighting were the unclean spirits attached to generational curses. Forgiving was hard for me because of all the hurt and trauma had made roots of bitterness in me. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t want to go through deliverance. Part of me was scared and not ready to talk about my past because of shame. Months before my deliverance took place God gave me a dream of my deliverance and I knew God wanted to set me free. I knew it wouldn’t be long before my deliverance would take place. After YEARS! of putting it off to the side I heard the Lord speak to me. “Before I take you to the next season you need to get delivered.” God is a good Father and gentle. He sees our future and helps us avoid things that will cause us to stumble. He wanted to partner with me. He wanted my “YES” so He could move through me and set me free. I responded to God with a “YES!”.

I knew I had to completely surrender and forgive everyone who had hurt me. I was ready and desperate for my freedom at this point. I was ready to walk free from all shame and the secrets the enemy used to torment me with. I didn’t know at the time that my freedom was unlocking freedom for others too. The enemy doesn’t want you to be free but bound and tormented. God doesn’t want you to be bound by your past. He wants you so free that even when people reject you, you feel God’s love over you.

Once I was delivered, I finally felt like I had self-control. The things that would trigger me to anger, fear and rejection no longer triggered me. Shame no longer had a hold on me to torment me because I spoke up. I felt this supernatural peace from God came on me. Forgiving people and releasing them from what they did to me was freedom to me. Staying free requires walking in a lifestyle of forgiveness, knowing our authority in Christ and not giving the enemy a foothold. Taking every thought captive that is not from God, we rebuke it and do not partner with it. Staying in community and praying over each other when we go through things is so important.

Down below, there’s a video link for more teachings about deliverance from my husband, and what to do if you need deliverance. He has a Spanish YouTube channel as well.  

PRAYER: I pray that you would say YES to God and surrender all the trauma and pain to God because it does not belong to you any longer. Your past does not define you. Trauma does not change who you were created to be. I pray for freedom and restoration over your life in Jesus name.

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