Feeling helpless

I never felt so helpless in my entire life. I never witness Ethan cry of so much pain as I saw him & heard him last night and no matter how much we try to heal his wounds on his fingers and toes or any part of his body we fail every time. All his wounds are so raw it drips blood. I know the type of EB he has it takes longer to heal or it may never even heal. The bone marrow transplant will reduce the amount of blisters. 🙌 Breaks my heart that I can’t hold Ethan when I see him screaming of pain, I can’t kiss him like a normal baby, I can’t play with him like a normal baby, I can’t even feed him like a normal baby. I never heard a baby scream so much as he did. All I want to do is cry.


3 thoughts on “Feeling helpless

  1. Dear Norma,
    I first heard about Ethan last weekend and his story has affected me more profoundly than I could have ever imagined. I have prayed and even cried for him. As a mother myself to an eight-month-old son I cannot even begin to imagine the unbearable pain you must go through on a daily basis seeing your precious angel screaming in agony. If I could take his pain away and injure myself I would but only our Lord has the final say in the way our lives play out. Despite making a donation and mailing out some supplies to your home I still don’t feel like I could ever do enough to help baby Ethan. I can promise you that I will continue to pray on a regular daily basis for his well-being, recovery and for the Lord to ease his pain. I will keep praying that he can get his bone marrow transplant soon so that it will help aid in his recovery and overall well-being. Please stay strong and remember that there of hundreds of people praying for Ethan and that our Almighty Lord answers all prayers.


  2. You have a beautiful baby boy. What a precious gift from God, and reading what you write, there is no doubt God gave him parents of Faith. My heart aches for him, and not being able to hold your precious boy would be so so hard. I bet that he feels comfort though, from your voice and singing to him. That is a gift you can provide to him in his times of discomfort. I know angels are watching over all of you. We live in Stanford Housing if you ever need anything. Just email. Staceyannturner@gmail.com. It’s just a small way I wish I could help!


  3. Dear family, i cry with you now. I cry out to the Lord on your behalf. Lord, you can do all things!! Extend your healing hand to this little child. Ease his pain, Lord. give this family hope in the midst of this grueling heartache. Give each of them physical rest to continue each day. Let the prayers of your people be heard!! Thank you for your people near and far who are interceding in prayer and physical needs. Thank you that this baby came to such loving, faithful parents. I gratefully observe this little life you have chosen to remind us of life’s fragility and dependence on you and ask that you work a miracle in Ethan’s life. Lord, do more than we can think or imagine. Bring healing to every part of this little child. Hear our prayers, bring healing Lord. May it be so. May it be so.


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