48 hours of Success (3 months)

Ethan is 3 months old today and we are very happy to see him healing. The past 48 hour have been all around medically successful. Ethan was using so much of his energy and calories to breath that it was severely hindering his ability to heal and grow. Ethan’s wounds are now healing at an astonishing rate. The Stanford team and The University of Minnesota EB Specialists have been in contact with each other and are now for the first time sharing EB protocols and data in the best interest of Ethan’s care. The Stanford team has adopted new methods of securing the breathing tube from burn victim protocols and the tube has been successfully secured. The right balance for pain medications and muscle relaxers have been establish to keep Ethan stable. It has been difficult to secure a central line (an artificial vein that enters from the leg or arm, directing fluids as close to the heart as possible), but the Stanford team was able to successfully place one yesterday and thankfully, correctly secured the line to his muscle. The last one moved out a couple of centimeters and when the line is not central the adequate amount of fluids can not be pushed through the line for Ethan’s Nutrition and Medication. If the line moves in, the bacteria is introduced into the blood stream at the pick line site, most likely causing another infection. The way that the pick line and breathing tube have been positioned and secured are incredible accomplishments by the combined efforts of the Doctors on site, Radiology and ENT teams. The Spinal Tap procedure also went well. Ethan’s test results for meningitis and infection are still negative. They also tested his immune system and found that he had adequate levels and was not immunoglobulin deficient.


18 thoughts on “48 hours of Success (3 months)

  1. I cannot come up with words to describe your family’s strength, I didn’t pray for a long time but now I pray every day for Ethan. He is an inspiration in so many ways.


  2. Well I don’t know where to start or how to say it. Your baby is beautiful, I got so happy and teary as I read the way you say your baby has been well and he is 3 months. I love to read that he is doing so much better. I’ll be praying for baby Ethan, you, and your family. This a beautiful story, and God knows what he is doing. This is a story of a great little fighter. Stay strong and rejoice. May God bless you all.


  3. Your baby will get better ! He is in my prayers every night ! God bless all of you .
    Just leave it to God & have faith that he will get through this . He is a strong baby.


  4. I feel blessed to know about Ethan, his heartbreaking yet astounding story. He’s such a warrior, a beautiful baby who will stay strong and will overcome the obstacles. Ever since I found your story I want to know more and more about baby Ethan. Bless you for staying strong, the journey is a long one but you’ll all make it through. Pray to saint Jude’s, he’ll hear your prayer, and he’ll hear mine too.


  5. I happy to have read this before going to sleep tonight, i am a stranger to you but I have read your story and my heart wonders about little Ethan daily. All my
    Prayers are with him and I pray pray pray for continued healing! Your story makes me hug my boys tighter and remember that we are not alone in this world, we all need each other.


  6. Aww me alegro tanto que ya este mejor no ehh degado de pedirle a dios x su salud y x su sanacion…gracias dios x cuidar de este angelitoπŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›


  7. I just started reading about you a few days ago and no I can’t stop you have a very strong family. Don’t loose faith just leave it in gods hands he has a miracle waiting for precious baby Ethan. I will keep praying for Ethan


  8. I just admire you for all your courage, you are the greatest mother of all, prayers for little Ethan are sent to you thru out the world. God bless you


  9. I just came across your story this morning and I am truly taken away by the strength of you and your family and most importantly Baby Ethan. Although I’m sure nobody quite knows the pain you and your family are going through, as a soon to be new mommy Ethan’s story definitely touch. Your family along with Baby Ethan will be forever in my prayers. And as you’ve mentioned before only God has the last say. So I pray that you keep your faith strong and continue to shower baby Ethan and baby Lilian with love and positivity. You and your husband are amazing and truly a couple to admire. And remember God only gives us what we can handle. God Bless you and your family!


  10. When I read the post you write about your beautiful son Ethan I always cry & a smile comes across my face. I can see in your writing the strength you & your family has. It is so strong. I will continue to put your family in my daily prayers. Remember God only gives what he feels you can handle.


  11. Your son is my prayers. Reading your story really shows how strong you carry yourself inside & out. God works in mysterious ways and I pray that your son is a healthy little bundle of joy,


  12. I’m praying for your sweet angel and your family! I was at Stanford Lucille Packard hospital with my son as well we stayed up there from July- September of last year it Is a great hospital. Although out situation was different I somewhat know what you are going through, I too have a toddler that I had to manage and find time to take care of. By far the hardest most stressful situation I’ve been set up for. But I never lost faith and I hope you guys don’t either. Faith kept me sane when I wanted to go crazy and give up. But how was I going to do that when my little one fought for his life every single day! God bless you and your family!


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