Ethan’s Last Moments 

I was able to spend Ethan’s final hours by his side. I road in the ambulance with him on the way home which was about a 3 hour trip. We arrived to our home at 8:20pm I changed his last diaper and it was just him and I. I put him in his crib and he wouldn’t stop smiling at me. He said his last coo’s to me. At 10:40 Ethan stopped breathing and peacefully slowly closed his eyes. We tried getting him to breath by nudging him and asking him to wake up. We called 911 right away, laid him on the floor and began performing CPR as they instructed us. Ethan didn’t move at all, once he arrived to the hospital they intubated him but it was to late, his heart had stopped. Ethan was pronounced dead at 11:45. I’m glad I was able to have Ethan back home to say goodbye. I was able to hang out with him. I was able care for him for his last moments. I feel like my heart is missing a huge important peace to my happiness. I will never forget my little angel. I will see him again! Our little girl Lilian will grow up seeing Ethan’s pictures all over the house. 💙 Ethan will never be forgotten. I love you so much. I wake up every morning thinking its just a dream & you are still here with us. I go to sleep thinking of you, bawling my eyes out. I’m just glad you are no longer in pain.  It was just to much for you Ethan. This is Ethan’s last photo I took of him alive. You can barely see his little face. #iheartethan #findacure #EB

Norma Cruz(mom)

63 thoughts on “Ethan’s Last Moments 

  1. Descansa Mi Amor (Video Oficial) El Komander
    in memory of Ethan ….rest in peace little angel fly high campion fuiste un guerrero y gran ejemplo para muchos ….


  2. I have been following your story since it was posted on Facebook. My heart go’s out to your family and wish my deepest condolences for the loss of your little one. Rest in paradise baby ethan😢💗


  3. I’m so sorry for your loss, I couldn’t stop crying after I read it to my bf. it’s so sad to see Ethan’s last photo knowing that he wasn’t ok . Knowing an innocent child is suffering hurts the most , I’m sorry for you and your families loss I’m sending prayers out to your family and little angel Ethan .May he rest In peace…


  4. I’m sorry for your loss. His in a better place now.Reading through all this made me tear up and I know God will help always be by your side.


  5. I have a baby born a week before Ethan an wen i read his story it broke my heart and since then i followed his story he’s and angel and he will always b remember i couldn’t hold my tears wen u posted he was in peace nomore pain


  6. There are no words that I can say to make this heartt wrenching situation better. However, sweet lady you and your family will forever be in my prayers and my heart. Rest in paradise baby Ethan, you are in our Masters’ hands now where ther is no more pain..
    Thank you so much Norma for sharing your “Love Story” with us. God bless and keep you in his fold……


  7. My condolences go out to you and your family …I truly can’t explain or come to understand this pain you are feeling . As a new mother I feel your pain. A bible text that I encourage you to read and hopefully give you some strength to go on ……..Rev 21:4 –   And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.” . God will take away this pain from us and give us the promise we will see our loved ones in paradise.Your son is beautiful .


  8. Hermoso ya estas en las manos de Dios, tengo mi corazon echo pedasitos, pero estas en el mejor lugar, donde no hay dolor, Dios les de fortaleza a sus padres para seguir adelante.


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