A Prayer For The Broken-Hearted.

We all have gone through some type of trauma, abuse or heartbreak. It can leave you feeling numb, hopeless, empty and feeling completely alone. Maybe you have shared your story with others or maybe you haven’t. You are not alone, others are going through what you are facing and God will not leave your side. Trust is His timing and let the Lord minister in your heart during the process of healing. He sees you and knows exactly what you’ve gone through and knows exactly what you need now. Sometimes He wants to take us on a path of faith to a place where we can surrender everything to Him. When we encounter His love, healing happens. He will walk you through this season to the next one. Everything that was stolen from you, God wants to restore. What was taken from you God redeems. He breaks the chains of our past. He heals every trauma and grief. He brings light to the darkness. Comfort to the brokenhearted. Hope to the hopeless.

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3 

I want to pray for you:

God you know what this person has been through. You know their past and their pain. Holy spirit comfort their hearts. May they feel your tangible presence and love over them. You are the redeemer and healer of our hearts. Our savior who died on the cross for us to receive true freedom. Father I ask that you strengthen them in this time. That you bring healing and freedom to their deepest wounds. That you remove every nightmare and trauma from their past. Turn their mourning into dancing. Transform their brokenness into wholeness. Restore what was stolen Lord. May you bring them comfort and peace to forgive those who have hurt them. Depression, anxiety, and fear go now in the name of Jesus. We thank you Lord. Amen

I declare over you today:

You are Worthy

You are Heard

Your are Loved

You are Seen

You are Important

You are Needed

You are Beautiful

You are Enough

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