Helping Your Child Hear God’s Voice

In Luke 18:16, Jesus told the disciples to “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God.”  Our children were created to know God and know His voice. We must teach, train, and release them to do so. Every child hears from God differently. Pay attention to how your kids perceive. Some HEAR, FEEL, SEE, or just KNOW what God is saying.

Since my daughter was little she has always had an attentive ear to hear all of the conversations in her surroundings. Though at times it will bother me because I didn’t want her to listen to every conversation, the Lord stopped me and told me to not rebuke her but to bless her HEARING because that is how God created her to hear and listen to His voice. It is true, since she was little she has given me words that she heard God speak to her to encourage me. She was on point on things that I have never told anyone but God. It brought confirmation and peace to my heart. I asked her how she was hearing God and she responded that she just heard Him like she hears her own thoughts but she knew it was God’s voice.

Since my son was two, he has always seen things in the spirit. Demons and angels. He also has a lot of dreams and visions. God is still speaking to us through dreams in the night. The enemy has tried bringing fear in the night to shut down his gift of SEEING. When my kids hear, see or feel something negative I teach them to use their authority in Jesus Christ. I get to teach my kids that Jesus is bigger than anything scary. The Lord showed me that their strength in spiritual awareness can also be found in their natural interests. When we are in the car my son loves to gaze out his window to see all the cars and things we are passing by. While my daughter is listening to the songs in the car and is attentive to our conversation. As parents we need to be careful not to shut down our kids gifts by speaking negative words over them.

Ways that God speaks:


God speaks through His word. Time with God and reading His Word, helps us hear and recognize how He speaks. If a Bible verse comes to mind, God may be encouraging you to do what that Bible verse says, or He might be bringing you peace or courage through it. What God tells you will NEVER go against what the Bible says and it will bare good fruit.

Holy Spirit

Hearing– This is when a thought or a song pops into your head out of no where. It is gentle and really clear and loud inside of you. (No one else but you can hear it.) If someone’s name is on our mind, maybe God is encouraging us to pray for that person.

Feeling or impressions– This is when you “feel” a presence in the room, or feel someone’s emotion. It can be good or bad. Or you may have a strong feeling about something. It might be that God is directing us in the way we should (or shouldn’t) go.

Know– This is when you don’t know why, but you just “know” something.

Seeing– This when God speaks through dreams, visions, imagination and a picture of doing something plays on the screen of your mind.

Other People

God speaks through other people to grab your attention. It could be a friend, pastor or teacher. It is important that we teach our kids that the message should aligned to The Word of God.

God speaks through anything. Nature, movies, songs, art. Teaching our kids that God speaks wherever we go. It can be feeling His love and presence, or feeling His arms covering us. We are not limited to just one way we hear or feel God, though we might all have a primary way we hear God. We can experience all of them as we continue to grow and seek God. Children are always watching their parents. We are their example. Reading His word, spending time in prayer and worship and creating space to listen, will help them grow in recognizing God’s voice for themselves.

God’s voice- Is always speaking truth and it is gentle.

Satan’s voice- Brings fear, confuses us and lies.

Here is a free printable to help your child practice hearing from God.

2 thoughts on “Helping Your Child Hear God’s Voice

  1. Thank You Norma for this!
    This is helpful for older children like my 22 year old son.
    Love it. Thank You, Denise


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